Sprang Bridge

Arguably more than any other villain in the city, Two-Face serves as an unpleasant reminder of the city’s tendency to bring low those who try and help it. Sometimes it’s in an allegorical sense, as an unsavory and grotesque reminder of the man that was once district attorney Harvey Dent.

Right now, however, it’s in a more tangible sense. He’s positioned himself at the top of the far side of the bridge with a sniper rifle, taking potshots at anyone who tries to cross and shouting conflicting demands through a megaphone as his two halves vie for control. Best get him down.


It's hard to know what to expect with Two-Face, because the odds are rarely 1-1.

  1. Kareem is taking a nice outdoor walk by some castle walls. He joins a team. How many games did that team win in the previous season?
  2. Nicolas is visiting a castle, carefully avoiding some bottomless pits near the entrance. He plays a game. How much does the game pay out?
  3. A two-headed giant is going for a swim, although there aren't as many squids in the water as there could be. It attacks. How much damage does it do?
  4. Ritchie is exploring a cavern. At the back of the cavern, he has to pick which of three places he wants to visit next. According to Tommy, he decides how to travel to his next destination. How many dollars does he spend on a plane ticket?
  5. Penny (as portrayed on-screen) meets some carpenters for the first time. She adopts a horse. How many total career wins does it get?
  6. Edgar and Sabin are walking across a bridge and looking at some turtles. They go their separate ways. For how many years are they estranged?
  7. Chandler and Joey are taking a walk outside on a spring day, and then climb a beanstalk up to the clouds. They take home a baby. How many masks on the wall match its outfit?
  8. Chigurh is taking an evening winter stroll and notes the lack of water in the area. He buys some cashews, plus $4.03 worth of gas, paying with a $5 bill. How many cents does he keep as change?
  9. Phil is walking around outside during the day, taking a brief swim in the middle of his excursion. He grants possession to a team. How many points did they score in the previous quarter?