The Lounge

Some crusty plastic electronics sit on the floor here, their battery compartments caked lightly in corrosion. Everything here still seems to be in working order, though: a combination cassette and CD boombox, a cheap two-octave synth keyboard, and a dented tape recorder. Atop a pile of yellowed and tattered sheet music, you see another note waiting for you.


Oops! (Oh my!) I've forgotten these tunes, and all I can remember is the subtext...

1997Furthest end of narrow path between buildings?AAELLSWYY           
1992Thing you shout when you find what you're looking for?AHOORY!             
2000Way someone might refer to a Helen Keller biography?ACILMORSUU          
2011How to categorize something that's non-lethal?AEHLMRSS            
1969Dismissive comment from a chauvinistic track coach?AAAABD FLLLOR SSWY  
2008Critical part to set up an arena floor for a boxing match?AAACEN QRSSUV       
1996Good sign a video you're watching is almost over?CDEEEG INNNRS       
1973Where you might keep an extra pair of work boots?A ADEF HHIO O RSTW  
1983Kneel in church and ask God for some R-E-S-P-E-C-T?AEEH LMNP           
1965Late for a helicopter ride to the base of a mountain?AACEHJMPP RTUU      
1997Slang descriptions for someone very, very cool?ACC HIWY            
1971Message for the soldiers at the Battle of New Orleans?CEGRS TUUY          
1977Male malcontent lacking wisdom that comes with age?ADEEEIJ LNNNOUVY    
1971Response to something very common or expected?AEILQ STUUU         
1980Most annoying thing about fixing printers?AEFIJK LNSTTUY      
2001Demand messages when an email system is down?BDEEE GM RRSSUVY    
1979Means of referring to a guy out well past curfew?ACEEF! HIKKN! OORTV!
1985Motivation someone might have for a business degree?AADDEEGNRRTUU