The Archives

A closet on the first floor is filled with storage crates, each with a peeling paper label. Each one bears the name of someone the police would define as "of interest" on a label partially obscured by the word "DIGITIZED" in red stamp mark. These hardcopies must be redundant and not all that special, or else his henchmen would surely have cleared them out. A single sheet of paper protrudes from the top slats of a box left off to the side, like a tissue from a tissue box.

Dr. Langstrom's Notes

How people ever confused Man-Bat and Batman I’ll never know.

Not to be ???????, but this is the ??????? of day that convinced me to do this. Spent time in enzyme lab trying to encourage more growth of ??????? in engineered turtle DNA, wouldn't react no matter how I tried to ??????? with it. Synthesized something similar to a pufferfish's ??????? instead; ??????? the freezer with it for now, while I figure out how to dispose of it. Some accursed ??????? must have mislabeled my bottles... "to bait fish ???????" indeed. About as helpful as ??????? toenails, the lot of them; once I'm the one ??????? this place, they're first to go.

Project ??????? left his credentials on his desk; wired most of budget conspicuously to a ??????? account, then sent anonymous tip to ethics board. The firm that ??????? the lab will hopefully take the bait I laid; spent rest of day on loan to test new synthetics against plant ??????? for biodegradability. Finally ??????? myself of this cretin will be worth it... maybe I'll keep that secretary of his... Svenka or ??????? or Freya or whatever her name is.