Bonus Brothers Carnival Grounds

You’ve noticed that, for all of Arkham’s manias, the Riddler left most of the truly chaotic inmates out of his plans. You suppose Professor Pyg does generally stick to his... particular proclivities, but he must be near the upper limit of unpredictability.

You’ve got a hazmat suit on in case of his virus-borne drug addictions and you’re about as mentally readied for staring down a surgically deformed Dollotron as you’re ever going to be. Trudging past the abandoned cotton candy stalls and dark rides, you can start to hear it dimly.

There’s music coming from somewhere nearby. He must be prepping for an operation. You peer cautiously into the tent as Pyg begins his recitation/dance number to some invisible crowd...

General Malpractice

The time has come for Pyg’s next major reconstructive surgery! (Yes, Mother! This one soon will be made perfect!) Now, I urgently request that you lie still; you see, surprise is not an element that’s welcomed in my work! Of course, your input is irrelevant to- (What’s that, Mother? Visitors?! They claim they know her?!) Dollotrons, go catch these foul intruders! Now excuse me if I babble on: