The Sewers Under Gotham

The Riddler’s clues have led you to a place you’re not exactly looking forward to going: deep into Gotham’s sewer system. It’s dark, it stinks, and you’re knee deep in disgusting waste.

Pretty soon you’re lost and you have a hunch that you’re not alone. Red eyes stare at you through the darkness.

"Up there you may have been safe," a raspy voice whispers from close by. "But you’re in my home now."

Something between a hiss and a snarl escapes from between his bared teeth, and you watch his muscles tense as he rears back for the first of what you’re sure will be many, many lunges at your limbs and throat.

META: Killer Croc

This crocodile wants to make you his luncheon, and he knows all the shortcuts down here.

What will stop Killer Croc?