West Harlow Station

You trailed White Rabbit here, meaning Mad Hatter wants you here. Being bait is her forte; she worked freelance at first, but the thematic pull must’ve been too strong. Despite being the third female Tetch cohort after March Harriet and The Carpenter, he still finds new "Alices" to abduct.

You give chase, knowingly charging towards a trap... and come to several hours later, slumped against a tree. The good news: the abduction victim is sitting on a stump across from you; you rescued her! The bad news: neither of you remember what happened... which seems important.

Mass Transit

"I’m late for the tea party!" White Rabbit shouted, and you followed her down the rabbit-hole...

Some point later, you were awakened by dead leaves fluttering down onto you, a bottle labeled "DRINK ME" in your lap. Not much of a souvenir, but it was time to wake up and get going.

You know you began at the terminus of a blue route, and finished at the terminus of an orange route. (Definitely not the most direct way to get from here to there... probably could’ve just taken a taxi.)

start of path
10 along blue
2 along green (bronze)
4 along green (???)
2 along blue (bronze)
1 along blue (???)
3 along green/blue
5 along red/gold (silver)
3 along red (???)
1 along red (gold)
11 along red (???)
3 along gold (silver)
2 along gold (???)
3 along green
3 along red (gold)
14 along red (???)
1 along purple (silver)
8 along purple
10 along blue
interchange walkway (???)
7 along yellow (silver)
2 along yellow
interchange walkway
11 along lime (???)
2 along red
7 along orange (silver)
2 along orange