Amusement Mile

On the plus side, there isn't anyone to apprehend here. Roxy Rocket is already in handcuffs, arms behind her back, hunched over and sulking on top of a stretcher. She glares at your approach like a chastised child while the attending EMT hands over the note she was holding.

"Eddie promised me a good time tonight with no interruptions, so I give his little device a... whirl, ha-ha! All I did was point and click, and every ride on the pier was supercharged! Too bad I fell off. And before you ask, no, only he knows what the "Off" command is. That's on you, buzzkills."

The closest ride to the gate is a gyroscopic rocket ride... what better test case could there be?

Minor Differences

Start the countdown and prepare for takeoff!

1. Help a princess of Ethiopia (4)
5. Bad urge bothered a sainted princess (7)
8. Prince Regent at heart was a playwright (4)
9. Two girls form a fabric chain (2-3)
12. Instant king sings a new anthem at first (5)
13. Oddly loathe this Saarinen-designed town hall (5)
14. Track enamel returning without me (4)
16. Look: a samurai holds back the Empress (6)
17. Singer with 1001000 amps? (4)
18. Chap hiding bad dog behaviorist (6)
21. Limits train within Paris limits (4)
24. Half-spinner's followed by a fish dancing (7)
2. First moonwalker's second name (5)
3. Scale that's used once in a red moon (6)
4. Moon-associated Roman deity (5)
6. Finnish guardian gnome and exhibition center (6)
7. Widow who founded Nivelles Abbey (8)
10. American home of one who "fell from a star" (6)
11. Japanese home of a "camp with pure spring" (8)
15. Site of Ronchinne Castle in Belgium (7)
19. Final boss in The King of Fighters X (5)
20. Sheep- and cattle-associated Roman deity (5)
22. Czech snowboarder who "fools around" (7)
23. All-time top-selling live album's opening track (5)