Allday Liquor Store

It seems like whatever the Riddler’s grand designs for Gotham are, they’re managed down to the most minute detail. What other possible explanation would there be for giving a puzzle to a guy like the Penny Plunderer and strapping a bomb vest on him so he commits petty theft?

You don’t know if it’s real, he doesn’t know if it’s real, and neither of you are in any position to test your theories. Best to just let this play out as the Riddler intends. Joe Coyne goes in and returns with his overcoat bulging, bottles clinking as he walks, making sure not to say a word...

Pleading the Fifth

After the "robbery" is over, he hands you a note and carefully enters his Riddler-provided getaway car. Before you can ask him anything, he shouts "I's takin' the fifths!" and drives off.

Shed in the garden
From the heart
Pitchers try to keep it low
Doorway spanner
Inventor, often
Full up
It could be a killer
It separates bang and hash
Submarine class
Midatlantic middles?
Proofing marks
Pica alternative
Many processors
Thousands of liters
Disobeys Bond
1214 - 1270
c.1742 - 1777
1817 - 1892
c.18 BC - c.41 AD
1846 - 1896
1793 - 1863
1195 - 1231
1848 - 1927
1808 - 1891