Gotham Nature Preserve

You arrive at the entrance of Gotham City Nature Preserve after receiving an all-points distress call. Frightened campers cower in their tents as growing, sentient plants wind their way throughout the campground. A woman in green turns toward you.

"Oh, hello there," Poison Ivy says, and smiles coyly. "You’re just in time. Babies?"

She pulls out her phone, presses a button, and the evil plants focus their attention toward you.

"How do you like my new Vine app? Pretty neat, huh? Let’s see how well this ‘Attack’ button works..."

META: Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy's evil plants are causing havoc, looping all around the campers' tents and local flora. Cornered and with the plants coming from the south, your only option for now is to head east. You'll have to find a way to escape... maybe the strange markings on the ground can help you.

What will stop Poison Ivy?

34, 41, 17, 37, 6, 39, 9, 43, 12, 20