The Stacked Deck Bar & Billiards

You nudge the door open on Warren White chalking his stick and he flashes you his jagged smile. "Welcome, welcome! I was promised some light entertainment while I’m out of Arkham long enough to do some business, so let’s get going, hm?" You’re clearly not getting a word in.

"This stuff’s way too déclassé for Cobblepot’s place, and frankly I was never a great shot, but I do love The Color of Money... film’s not bad, either!" He continues circling the table, looking for a shot. "Anyway, I like games I can win... and Eddie already has a handicap arranged for you."

Pool Cues

One letter per cell. Tables read clockwise. No called shots; just sink your ball. Let’s dive in.

Column 1Breathable fabric option
Column 1Music magazine for R&B fans
Column 1Scout for security flaws
Column 2Free trial version
Column 2Like a hallelujah but shorter
Column 2Persia, more modernly
Column 3After mother or before stone
Column 3Ironic high art aesthetic
Column 3Verhoeven thriller
Column 4Blues standard "That Black Snake ____"
Column 4Just manages
Column 4Soft, white cheese
Column 5Huxtables' middle child
Column 5Spool of film or fishing line
Column 5Stain, or clean up a stain
Row AAdded space
Row AFlier, of a sort
Row AHappening
Row ANot quite
Row AOffspring
Row BCapone's nemesis
Row BHardness scale
Row BLaw's companion
Row BPicture
Row BPlan, possibly hidden
Row CBottled water brand
Row CEnthusiastic
Row CReligions or principles
Row CShopping centers (remember them?)
Row CSmall body of still water
Row DAd ____ per aspera
Row DEssayist Ephron
Row DNun's uniform
Row DOpposite of wholesale
Row DPhysical or metaphorical center
Row EBird sometimes mistaken for a heron
Row EBooger material
Row EDistance with 3:43.13 record run time
Row ESped around
Row ETransmit down the line
red_____ County Line
redDiscrete unit of comedy
redHorrific wound
redMore well-kempt
redPickling liquid
redWord in Coldplay and Ricky Martin titles
maroonFirst letter, to some
maroonHave another crack at, like an exam
maroonHe adventured in Slumberland
maroonLong, low sofa with no sides
maroonMr. Pickens, or Mr. Shady
maroonPlant burned to "clear energy"
orangeComputer network hardware
orangeCopy an outline
orangeInsurance mascot retired due to her fanart
orangeLine segment within a circle
orangeOranges, or Marshalls
orangeRenowned spitter
yellowAlready broadcast
yellowCollege bowl game in Pasadena
yellowConsume, like time or money
yellowMajor Swedish city
yellowMix with a spoon
yellowObject best put after the horse
greenAmy Winehouse hit single
greenAn island, so they say (2 wds.)
greenCommon fantasy game class
greenLoving paeans
greenSulk like a moody teen
greenSurvived or resided
blueDaniel Webster's counterpart
blueExile isle
blueLast letter, to some
blueMersault's lover
blueMulti-level marketing, for one
bluePiece of ductwork
purpleAbsolute low point
purpleAuthor of Steppenwolf
purpleFollowing in sequence
purpleLow-level noble title
purpleNotorious car model
purpleThrow a one-pitch walk, say
white"Hurry up already!" (2 wds.)
whiteAbout 91% of an NFL playing field
whiteAlma mater of... let's go with Vincent Price
whiteBathroom surface
whiteClayworker's trade tool
whiteConserve, like time or money
whiteEighteenth letter, to some
whiteElement synonymous with signage
whiteGive muscles more definition
whiteHorrible birds, Canadian or otherwise
whiteIt uses its tummy as a table
whiteJudean king circa Jesus' birth
whiteLike some talk and some victories
whitePertaining to the mouth
whitePrejudice or favoritism
whiteSinger Del Rey
whiteTemporary debt-based ownership
whiteWhat slime does
blackBruises and lesions
blackCitizens of Copenhagen
blackGame animal
blackWhat all ye faithful should do