Gotham General Hospital

Thankfully, this is another scenario that’s already been dealt with by the time you arrive. While he might not be one of the marquee names in Gotham, The Crime Doctor’s certainly done his share to get more destructive villains back on their feet. More importantly, though, it seems he was caught trying to impersonate an arriving surgeon and exercise his penchant for torture.

"Played the part well enough. Didn’t raise suspicion ‘til he got caught in the chief of medicine’s office, ripping up and retaping people out of his contact cards. That’s Arkham inmates for ya."


All these cards are mismatched; what’s up with this defiled Rolodex?

Akroyalla, Sally

Eats a baffling amount of junk for a dietician. At the Pizza Hut, at the Taco Bell...

Angelidis, Otis

Worked sixteen hour shift with me in the ER. A real trooper, or at least acts like it.

Boileman-Piuccini, Mike

Good kid, but their internship is just about over. Last practice before the real deal.

Castanis, Ethan

Wields seniority like a club, very idiosyncratic. Some people think he's bonkers.

de Bouclee, Olga

A+ physical & mental rehabilitation counselor. Big in developmental techniques.

di Giovanni, Niccolo

Guy thinks he's House, never takes any advice. Lots of serious cowboy antics.

Duchaine, Edward

Quicker to prescribe Thorazine than ibuprofen. Treats those zombies like a game.

Enfield-LaFauci, Irene

Antitoxin expert; highly in-demand in Gotham. Knows how to handle blowfish.

Garceau, Steve

Nurse must have been a doula in another life. Every maternity ward needs one.

Giocattoli, Teresa

Lead-footed ambulance driver; loves to go fast. Keep your hands inside the vehicle...

Hoenigswald, Harry

Steering committee maven; always comes first. Always part of serious proposals.

Isaacson, Emily

EMT that constantly picks up dropped shifts. A long time spent at the wheel.

Katchis, Robert

Middling as a medic, but shines at potlucks. Makes some great barbecue.

Kildare, Elaine

Guy has saved up more PTO than I can count. He's going to the carnival tonight...

Krauss-Curie, Agatha

Transferring here soon, got held up last week. Lots of mounting anticipation.

Mai-Downing, Doris

Makes the big bucks, but never in their office. Working on that golf swing a lot.

Mickelson, Rudy

Always comes fully prepared for any patient. Very useful for finding things.

Morioka, Iwao

Doddering old coot, can barely work a laptop. TOO MANY ALL-CAPS MISSIVES.

Moules-de-Fland, Norman

Went to conferences a lot, but conscientious. Brought us all the latest goings-on.

Murallo, Tina

Point of contact for an affiliated halfway home. Good place for drying out.

Peugeot-Dorr, Horace

Radiologist, graduated med school at fifteen. A regular wiz kid, this one.

Rathenau, Ellen

Weirdly gung-ho on working in Palliative Care. People there rarely make it out alive.

Riggivernan, Helmut

The only reason anyone ever visits the cafeteria. Lot of people get coffee from there.

Rugby, Olaf

Cracks awful jokes, but all the yes-men laugh. Frankly insulting sense of comedy.

Salterra-Hesse, Ursula

Board member; returned years later, bad ideas. Some holdover from the Nixon years.

Selescazzia, Stanley

Know she plays an instrument... what was it? Oboe, bassoon, something like that.

Simonadonne, Evelyn

Puts people to sleep talking Tolkien at parties. All about forging cursed gold rings!

Snaischneider, Helen

Dominated everyone here at the last Field Day. Incredible D on the basketball court.

Swaine-O'Toole, Eric

Another speedy EMT who relishes right of way. Floors the gas pedal on green lights.

Vinley-Moore, Loretta

Reads bedtime stories to kids in Pediatrics. Source of seemingly endless love.

Wheaton, Pat

Very quick to accurately figure out dosages. Great with divisibility by nine.