The Basement

You quietly open the basement door and make your way down. This is where the Riddler’s trail has sent you, but you hear... nothing.

You turn a corner into a large empty room. You recognize the walls from the video the Riddler sent to the police, but unfortunately Batman and Robin are nowhere to be found. In their place is a gigantic Rube Goldberg-esque contraption, walled in behind plexiglass dividers. There’s no way to tamper with it, and you have no idea what it will do when it’s set off. All you have is a single computer keyboard mounted to the box’s side, and a handwritten note taped to it.

META: The Nygmachine

With the whole of Gotham City in a panic, you imagine that the Riddler has some hidden angle that you can’t figure out.

What is this device’s purpose?

"With the Batmoron and Boy Blunder at my mercy, I've managed to turn the tables on all of Gotham! Prove your worth to me and save yourselves for once; you can't pass the buck onto your caped know-it-alls anymore! If you drop the ball, something bad might happen...

Toodle-oo! -R."