Gotham Hall of Records

Not even the poor back-office clerks of Gotham have been given quarter in this madness. The police database was hacked into and the files on non-violent offenders badly corrupted. The dismay radiates off of every face you pass in the hall, each one lugging some box of papers.

It’s true Anarky pulls this stunt every few weeks, and usually restoring the backups isn’t much more than a mild nuisance, but with none of the usual help reverting the database around, the problem remains. The holding cells are filling up fast; you’ve got to sort this out here and now.

The Unusual Suspects

If all these names are all mixed up, there’s no way we can pull up their numbers!

Gerard Worsen
Will Nenachen
Agathon Byron
Tobit Escapes
Todd Pinballing
Israel Carmel
Bechyn Dumble
Andean Millet
Port Lovelady
Dann Erskine
Bowerman Lumen
Merman Gehrig
Legal Crewmax
Ketch Creager
Burly Hoff’ar
Dickens Javor
Feoffee Jeryd
Enjineer Fehr
Quinn Jaysean
Hywel Jammin
Jorgen Hrynov
Jodies Phones
Joan Paykull
Judson Burial
Wally Kredyt
Android Slave
Ramon Tuttle
Ollie Austin
Cory Cluckett
Marcel Clones
Quincy Meeke
Rani Gymnast
Hoky Thruways
Morton Shape
Taylor Vince
Darryl Wheat