Wait... what? Who? They- no, this has to be a setup. You're sure? I mean... alright, I'll tell them.

So, first off, the Joker is under lock and key in Arkham right now; we've got eyes on him, he's not going anywhere. But apparently he knows something about the Riddler's plans and is... offering to help you. I guess, theoretically, the worst he could do is waste your time... worth a shot?


Alright, hi, so I'm Spoiler and I'll be your... babysitter, I guess, for your first-ever cat-and-mouse game with a Gotham supervillain. Chaperone? I like that better, let's go with that.

We've been trying to contact Batman and Robin with just as little luck as the police, so as of this moment we are taking the Riddler's claims that he has them in his custody seriously. Even worse, he’s made it clear that this is where he’s assembled a device, the Nygmachine, that... well we don’t know what it actually does, but we’re pretty sure we should get to the basement and bust it up.

Stay sharp. I’ll sweep the rooms ahead and disarm the deadly bits of the traps so you can solve them in relative peace. If I spot anything serious up ahead, I'll let you know from below. Good luck.

The Riddler is holding Gotham City ransom with another of his twisted creations, and the Bat-Signal has gone unanswered for several nights... which the Riddler is also claiming responsibility for.

In the video he sent to GCPD, he claimed to have a device that will leave Gotham City "riddled with more holes than a sieve." His only demand was simple: you, at his mercy. You would be flown into Gotham via helicopter and dropped off at a predetermined location where he claims his nefarious device is waiting to be disarmed by the intellectual power he's taken an interest in.

Commissioner Gordon joins you on the chopper and briefs you on the details as you fly over the Gotham River. Preliminary investigation has found countless deadly traps waiting inside the building; clearly, Riddler has some elaborate plans to test your mental mettle before you can deal with the real threat. You've been assured that you will have at least some assistance once you're at the location, but Gordon doesn't elaborate.

You've never had any dealings with the Riddler, for better or worse, so you can only wonder why he's singled you out... still, you're here because you can help. You can only hope to do the right thing as your conscience leads you into the maw of peril.

Soon enough, the helicopter touches down (a bit roughly) onto the roof of a large, abandoned storage facility. You shake Gordon's hand, and after a few perfunctory words of encouragement, he's gone. The sound of the beating blades fades into the din of the city below you... but you're not alone on the roof for long. As promised, out from the shadows appears a genuine costumed Gotham superhero...